What If?

Hi. My name is Jill Prather and I am a Mormon. The real name of my church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I created this blog because I’m concerned about the mess of a world in which we live today. Families are falling apart. The respect for parents is gone. Children are killing parents and parents are giving up on their children. I remember my grandmother telling me how families stuck together in her day and always took care of each other no matter what challenges came upon them. What happened? Children were taught to have respect and knew their place. Today discipline is called child abuse.

The government is so corrupt there is a 35% confidence rating for our leaders. This is the lowest in American history. Power and greed have taken over where honor and love of country used to preside.

Young people sneak up on innocent folks walking along and minding their own business on the street and sucker punch them for kicks. It’s a game.  Complete apathy for compassion and being a brother’s keeper is like a faded and torn photograph found in a spider-web coated trunk in the attic from days forever ago – no one cares anymore. A new drug makes it’s way into the hands of our youth frequently. Alcoholism is rampant and kills thousands of people each year through violence and disease. In days long gone by, one could trust the promise of a handshake. Men were only as good as their word, and it meant something.


The family – the most beloved and sacred of institutions on earth is in peril. There are over 500,000 children in foster homes in America. Most of them will never be adopted because they are too old or have too many problems caused by parents who stopped caring enough. Domestic violence. Divorce. Infidelity. Abuse.

That’s the bad news. Now for the Good News.

The true church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today just exactly like He created it when He was here. 

Consider the profound and true statement above. I know it is true. I have been without the faith and knowledge that His church has been restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith in these latter days. I will share my story in future posts. Let me say for now that when once I was lost, I am now found and I am so grateful to know that my Savior lived, suffered, and died for me so I could live my life in a way that gives me real, true joy. I can go Home someday to be with Him again. I know He lives today to help us, each and every one of us, to learn of Him, of His wonderful love and His willingness to forgive our mistakes and He remembers them no more. He wants us to be able to go Home to Him and Heavenly Father again. We lived with them before. It’s where we came from and where we belong – forever with our families and friends.

baby-fingers-765688-thumbnail                                                                                                                         familycanbeforever

Anyone can say “phooey” and refuse to consider that the above may be true. What do you have to lose in studying these truths? Get a free Book of Mormon – I’ll tell you how – and read it. Then pray about it; keep an open mind. The young missionaries will come to your house and answer any question you may have. They will pray with you;  they will help you to understand the Book of Mormon with love and patience because that is what they love and live to do at this time in their lives. You are a brother/sister. We are all of the great family of Jesus Christ. We are all in this together and we need to help each other make it back Home. We need to love each other and help one another to find joy and healing in this life. Yes, Joy. It’s possible. Just open your heart and your mind. Truth is truth whether one chooses to accept it or not.

missionary-work-605449-thumbnail mormonad-sharing-time-1118400-thumbnail elder-reading-book-mormon-lds-934062-thumbnail

Every one of us is here for a reason. I know this. You who are reading this right now – YOU are here for a reason. Heavenly Father and Christ love you beyond your imagination. They will guide you, answer your prayers, and send you angels to help you through this tough maze called Life. They love you. I love you. 

What do you have to lose?


Email me if you want a Book of Mormon or click on the link above.  Or if you need a friend to talk to about the amazing promises and blessing waiting for YOU. If you want the missionaries to visit email me!

Until next time…there’s so many awesome and amazingly joyful things to share with you about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Come back often and I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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