The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Welcome! Please click on What If? above first to read about the purpose of this blog.  I’m now a joyful and centered person after many decades of wandering around lost in a sea of confusion, poor choices, and self-hatred. Feeling worthless and useless brought me a whole lot of misery and sadness. It took me away from the important things I should have focused on like acquiring a belief that Christ’s Atonement was done for ME. Many people believe in Christ, but they don’t believe Him. That is the crux of the world’s ills. From a faith cemented in trusting that I am worthy of His saving grace through the Atonement, and then applying it to myself, absolutely everything else in life falls into place. And with that comes incredible joy and  peace of mind and heart.

I Promise!  I invite you to come home to the Savior who adores you and longs for your return to his fold. I did. The walk back has been awesome and full of miracles I never dreamed could happen. He waits for your knock at the door so He can bless you and show you the way back Home.

So come along with me and learn about the real reason you are here on earth and the blessings awaiting you!


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